Sound Transit is improving transit connections on Mercer Island

Integrating bus service with light rail

We’re designing transit connection improvements on Mercer Island, along N Mercer Way, 77th Avenue SE and 80th Avenue SE, to bring together pedestrians, cyclists, light rail passengers and bus riders to help more people get to more places. The transit connection area is near the new Mercer Island light rail station. It’s designed to create a seamless connection experience for riders transferring between bus and light rail on Mercer Island when East Link light rail service begins in 2023.

Sound Transit has long engaged with the Mercer Island community on designs for transit features in the area. We’re sharing our latest design, and we want to hear what you think!

Mercer Island Station

Mock up image of future Mercer Island Station. A Light rail approaches the platform with the words Sound Transit On it. The platform is made of concrete with metal and glass awnings over areas where passengers are standing.
The Mercer Island transit connection area will help connect people to Link light rail at the new Mercer Island Station, planned to open in 2023. Once built, the station will connect you to downtown Bellevue in just 10 minutes. Read more >>

Transit connection area

Project overview

In partnership with the city of Mercer Island we’re:

  • Designing a roundabout and curb space to better integrate bus and light rail service.
  • Creating convenient access to Mercer Island Town Center by optimizing the new station plaza and landscaped pathway along 80th Avenue SE.
  • Adding new crosswalks and I-90 trail improvements.
  • Installing more bus shelters and bike lockers.

We expect to begin construction on the transit connection area in 2021 so it’ll be ready when East Link light rail service launches in 2023.

Strong community involvement

Public feedback is vital to our work. In coordination with the city of Mercer Island, Sound Transit has engaged the Mercer Island community throughout the project development lifecycle.



Once complete, the transit connection area will include these features:

Click on the map and icons below to learn more.

Arial Map which displays future features of the Mercer Island transit connection area along North Mercer Way and 80th Avenue Southeast. The map has 8 numbers on it calling out the following features: new bike lockers, wider shared-use path, two-stage crossing, wider crosswalk, new round about, new and revised lane striping, green screen and new landscaping. It also has indicators for new ADA curb camps on the east side of the round about at North Mercer Way and 77th Avenue, new bus shelters and an are for emergency and vehicle maintenance area on 80th Avenue South East.
Mercer Island transit connection area map | Click for PDF

Improved bicycle / pedestrian experience 

Crosswalk and pavement marking improvements

Managing traffic


Additional safety measures

Walking and biking

Walking and biking

Bike and pedestrian connections

The Mercer Island transit connection area includes options for people to connect from N Mercer Way south to the Mercer Island Town Center. These connections are in addition to several other existing local (pink arrow) and regional (blue arrow) bicycle / pedestrian connection points within the area.

A map showing several regional and local bicycle/pedestrian routes crossing Interstate Route 90 to from North Mercer Way to 76th Avenue Southeast.
Bicycle and pedestrian improvements map | Click for PDF

Learn more

Want to learn more about East Link light rail service beginning on Mercer Island in 2023? Visit the Mercer Island Station project webpage to learn more, sign up for emails about progress and stay connected with Sound Transit.

For questions or more information on the Mercer Island transit interchange project, please contact:

Kurt Workman
East Corridor Outreach Manager


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